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Lightning Certificates and Lightning Data Reports Available

Your Concerns

You are an insurer, a loss adjuster, an industrial site manager or you handle other assets/operations affected by thunderstorms. Your assets or equipment have been impacted (damages observed, losses, etc). You need to determine whether lightning was the cause.


You manage sensitive assets that need to be checked regularly, especially after such a phenomenon that easily generate damages.

Our Solution

Our Lightning Certificates and Lightning Data Reports provide information on the detected lightning strikes around your site, allowing you to:

  • · Check your assets and your lightning protections.
  • · Carry out corrective or preventive maintenance.
  • ·Report/handle an insurance claim.

Lightning Certificates

Simple Certificate:
  • · Radius of 10km
  • · Requested peri. od of up to 1 weeK
  • ·Number of Lightning Strikes detected

Premium Certificate

  • · Radius of 10km
  • · Requested period of 24h
  • ·Number of Lightning Strikes detected + Closest Strike

Detailed Lightning Data Report

Radius & Time Period Configurable. SAWS adapts its solutions regarding the frequency of your requirements:
  • · One-off needs: punctual request
  • · Regular needs: Annual Subscription or Tokens
  • ·Continuous Monitoring