Warning Reports


 1.       Severe weather is an extreme meteorological event or phenomenon, which represents a real hazard to human life and property and has the potential to cause damage, serious social disruption, or loss of human life.

2.       Special Weather Advisory: an alert raising awareness up to 5 days in advance to either expected large scale potential disruptive weather systems that could later lead to specific watches/warnings with time, or to less urgent alerts of uncommon conditions.

3.       Severe Weather Watch:  an alert calling for preparedness to weather hazards that most likely will occur within 1 to 3 days and that could lead to disruptive and disastrous conditions.

4.       Severe Weather Warning: an alert calling for reaction due to a very high certainty of a severe weather hazard that is already occurringor imminent within 24 hours and that could lead to disruptive and disastrous conditions.

Severe Weather Watches/ Warnings

(Watch: Amber - be prepared)(Warning: Red - Take action)

1-3 days in advance, Could be the consequences of Intense large weather systems

 1. Disruptive Snowfalls

 2. Heavy Rain

 3. Flash Flooding

         Heavy Rain leading to Flash flooding (non thunder storm)

         Localised Flooding (non thunder storm)                       .

 4. Severe Thunderstorms

         Hail, gusts, tornadoes, local flooding

 5. Sea State (High swell > 6 m)

 6. Strong winds (Gale force)

 7. Veld fire conditions (in collaboration with Forestry)

Special Weather Advisories 

(Advisory: Yellow - Be aware)

(Up to 5 days in advance, do NOT escalate to warnings as such)

  ·         Intense large weather systems (whose consequences could lead to warnings later):

  1.    Tropical cyclones, Tropical depressions, Intense Cold fronts, Cut-off  lows

  ·         Less urgent types of alert:

  1. Extremely hot conditions
  2.  High Discomfort values
  3. Heat waves
  4. Strong interior winds
  5. Reduced visibility
  6. Widespread or coastal FOG
  7. Frost (uncommon or first)