The South African Weather Service (SAWS) is a Section 3(a) public entity under the Ministry of Water and Environmental Affairs and is governed by a Board of Directors. The company became a public entity on 15 July 2001 in terms of the South African Weather Service Act (No. 8 of 2001).

It is an authoritative voice for weather and climate forecasting in South Africa and as a member of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) it complies with international meteorological standards. As an Aviation Meteorological Authority, SAWS is designated by the state to provide weather services to the aviation industry, marine and a range of other identified clients and to fulfil a range of international obligations of the government.

Applications for the listed positions must be submitted using the E1 Application Form (Also obtainable from the Weather Service offices), and should be accompanied by a Comprehensive CV, as well as certified copies of qualifications.

Applications for the Internship Programme must be submitted using the Application For Internship Form

  • No faxed applications will be accepted.
  • The organisation reserves the right not to fill this positions.
  • South African Weather Service is an equal opportunity employer.



 Advertisement Closing Date

Senior Technologist (x3)

05 May 2017

Remuneration and Payroll Manager

28 April 2017

Internal Auditor

20 April 2017

Senior Manager: Supply Chain Management

21 April 2017

Scientist: Marine

21 April 2017

Forecaster (Re-advertisement)

24 March 2017

Financial Accountant

22 March 2017
 AQI – 2017

Air Quality Information Internship

Application Form

14 March 2017
  Office Supervisor x4 03 March 2017
WS03/022017 Forecaster 03 March 2017
WS01/022017 Office Administrator 10 February 2017
WS02/022017 Tradesman Aid 15 February 2017
WS02/012017 General Manager: Corporate Affairs 10 February 2017
WS03/012017 Senior Forecasters 10 February 2017
WS04/012017 Forecaster 10 February 2017
WS01/012017 Scientist: Climate Data Quality Control 31 January 2017
WS03/122016 Accounts Receivable Clerk 16 December 2016
WS02/122016 Senior Manager: Stakeholder Relations 16 December 2016
WS01/112016 Chief Technician: Air Quality Information 24 November 2016
WS09/082016 Senior Manager: Commercial 18 November 2016
WS06/102016 Project Manager: Land Management 11 November 2016
WS05/102016 Company Secretary 11 November 2016
WS08/102016 Chief Scientist: Nowcasting and Very Short Range Forecasting 11 November 2016
WS07/102016 Engineer 08 November 2016
WS01/102016 Meteorological Forecaster Trainer 31 October 2016
WS04/102016 Senior Forecaster 25 October 2016
WS03/102016 Tradesman Aid 20 October 2016
WS02/102016 Meteorological Technician 17 October 2016
WS03/092016 Forecaster (Bloemfontein) 17 October 2016
WS05/092016 Accounts Receivable Supervisor 12 October 2016
WS04/092016 Forecaster (O.R Tambo Airport) 07 October 2016
WS15/052016 Senior Manager: Technical Service (Re-advertisement) 05 October 2016
WS16/092016 Chief Executive Officer 01 October 2016
WS02/092016 Senior Technologist 23 September 2016
WS01/092016 Senior Meteorological Technician 21 September 2016