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The aim

Is to share the latest South African Weather Service (SAWS) research findings on weather, climate and air quality, with its public relevance and application value, with external research orientated stakeholders, and to exchange and communicate such knowledge in order to promote the SAWS vision of creating a weather-SMART nation. Such symposiums will also encourage SAWS employees to communicate their scientific findings and to strife to excellence in their research activities.


The South African Weather Service (SAWS), as the mandated national meteorological service of South Africa, has the vision of “A WeatherSMART Nation”. With this vision, SAWS aims at making quality and reliable weather and climate data and information available to the country’s citizens in order to create greater weather, climate, air quality preparedness and resilience. This is achieved through (1) providing innovative solutions, sustainable development and economic growth through leadership in meteorological, climatological and other related sciences; (2) the development of relevant and innovative applications and products utilising cutting edge technology; and (3) establishing and leveraging collaborative partnerships.

In order to facilitate achieving its vision, SAWS hosts a Research and Development Department, which has recently been registered as an accredited national Science Council, meaning that the organisation is obligated to deliver on scientific research output by qualified and experienced scientists supported by adequate research facilities. With this obligation, it is also essential for the organisation to invest in, and to encourage scientific development by accommodating young upcoming researchers in its mainstream science pathways. With its status as a Science Council, SAWS can now apply for funding from, and participate in activities of institutions like the Department of Science and Technology (DST) and the National Research Foundation (NRF). With these internal arrangements in place, SAWS is in a good position to play a leading role in national and regional weather, climate and air quality research and its applications. Yet, the organisation can only sustain such a status if research findings, with its value to society, are recognised by the broader scientific community, and are shared with those stakeholders who will benefit from the research.   

With an increasing population, accompanied by economic and infrastructure development, the South African public becomes more vulnerable to weather, climate and air quality events, which is especially experienced when these events fall within the extreme categories. With a larger occupation of space, the South African public is also more likely to be affected by such weather, climate and air quality events. In addition, the response of weather, climate and the atmospheric composition to global warming is becoming an increasing reality, which poses an additional risk to society and infrastructure.

With its mandate that requires the hosting of a national Forecasting Facility, the hosting of the South African Air Quality Information System (SAAQIS) and the future prospective of hosting a National Climate Centre (NCC) as part of the National Framework for Climate Services (NFCS), SAWS is in a unique position to become a national authority that monitor, investigate and communicate the impacts of weather, climate and air quality on society and infrastructure. However, such activities should not take place in isolation, but should be based on active engagement.  

To position itself as a recognised and relevant leader in the areas of weather, climate and air quality, it is recommended that SAWS communicate and share its research findings on weather, climate and air quality, with its relevance and application value, with research orientated stakeholders, strategic partners, government and the general public. This can be achieved through the organisation and presentation of an annual WeatherSMART SCIENCE SYMPOSIUM.

  • Date : 14 and 15 March 2018 
  • Venue : Royal Elephant Hotel and Conference Centre, cnr Willem Botha & Wierda Road, Eldoraign, Centurion


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