The Weather Application Programming Interface (API) is offered through our partner AfriGIS. This API allows users to access a set of functions and procedures to create applications from the following datasets: thunderstorms, lightning and, in the near future, weather alerts.

The Weather API can be accessed at the following link:

The South African Weather Service is at the forefront of providing weather and climate information in South Africa and we continually strive to provide relevant weather and climate data for different industries to ensure the safety of lives and property of each South African citizen.
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In drought-prone South Africa every raindrop counts. To optimally benefit from the available rainfall, access to real-time weather information is essential. The South African Weather Service and HydroNET have joined forces to provide reliable weather forecasts (including the 6 month seasonal forecast in Grid format), real-time and historical weather data to you.

HydroNET is a multiple award winning web-based decision support system which transfers weather and water data into sophisticated applications and dashboards available online, without the need for software downloads. These applications enable you to make well-informed and transparent WeatherSmart decisions.
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The WeatherSmart App from the South African Weather Service (SAWS), provides you with location based forecasts and other handy weather information for your immediate surroundings.

WeatherSmart includes the following features and options:
• Location based forecasts
• Severe weather warnings
• Weather conditions and forecast for your current location.
• Search for and add other locations.
• A seven day forecast for all your selected locations.
• Minimum & maximum temperature(s).
• Wind direction(s).
• Weather notices, warnings and alerts

To download the WeatherSmart application, install the app from the IOS and Android store.

Without the need for downloading an App, you can access the weather by dialing *120*7297#
By selecting your area or date, weather information is available at a click on your phone.