2nd Annual WeatherSMART Science Conference 2019

World Meteorological Day 23 March 2019

Theme: The Sun, the Earth and the Weather

19 and 20 March 2019

The aim of the 2nd Annual WeatherSMART Science Conference is to bring together students and researchers to share their research findings on weather and climate including application areas of water, air quality, health, agriculture and energy. These findings, together with their application value, will be shared with research orientated stakeholders and the public. The sharing of research findings will promote the SAWS vision of creating a WeatherSMART nation. In the weather and climate fields, research revolves around (1) observation methods and technologies, (2) analysis and modelling of the atmosphere, (3) future outlooks and (4) impact and applications.

The symposium forms part of South Africa’s World Meteorological Day celebrations, with the theme The Sun, the Earth and the Weather. To address this theme, the 2019 conference will focus on research in (1) impact-based weather and climate outlooks, (2) interpretation and applications of these outlooks and (3) disaster risk assessment and reduction. The proposed title of the WeatherSMART SCIENCE CONFERENCE is “Finding Solutions to Support Severe Weather Warning”.

A call will be issued to the public to attract scientists (both students and researchers) to submit a short abstract which will be peer-reviewed for acceptance or rejection. The accepted abstracts will be presented in form of oral or poster presentations. The presentations will be published in the conference proceedings.

Important panel discussions will be held during the conference. The panel discussions will revolve around the development of an Impact-Based (ImpB) Severe Weather Warning Systems (SWWS) for different sectors in the country (Agriculture (drought), Health (malaria, heatwave), Water (drought/flood), energy etc. This will strengthen the current collaboration between SAWS and the National Disaster Management Centre (NDMC) in moving from “What the weather will be” to “What the weather will do”.

In view of the above, we are applying for an ISBN for the conference proceedings

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