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The Mpumalanga Lowveld has been experiencing warm to hot conditions over the past few weeks,with winter not setting in as yet.

WMO is sponsoring a workshop on climate monitoring, including the implementation of Climate Watch systems in Africa, with a special focus on Eastern and Southern Africa.

The South African Weather Service has developed over the years in terms of technological innovation, legislative developments, infrastructural advances, and international cooperation

Modjadji Makoela, General Manager for Corporate Affairs at SAWS, explains that integrated sustainability reporting for organisations is key to good corporate governance and strong relationships with stakeholders.

In striving to be a strong leader, that not only builds trust and fufils the vision of the organisation, but also effectively build relationships with its outside stakeholders, Makuleni leads with a simple but effective philosophy. Guide, guard and gauge.

The new state-of-the-art weather radar system, located 50km outside of East London, is designed to forecast flash floods and other severe storm events. It will be operational from September 1.

Eruption of a volcano in Iceland, analysis and prediction of great interest to SAWS

Hi-tech Radar tools mean SA can weather any storm.