The Wind Chill Temperature Index, sometimes also known as the equivalent temperature, is used to describe how cold people and animals feel when they experience heat loss caused by the combined effects of low temperature and wind. When the wind blows across exposed skin, it removes the insulating layer of warm air that lies adjacent to the skin. This in turn drives down the skins temperature and eventually the internal body temperature. The faster the wind blows, the faster the heat is carried away, the greater the heat loss and the colder it feels.

How can wind chill be calculated?

To calculate a specific Wind Chill Temperature you will need to know the air temperature and wind speed.The equation to calculate the Wind Chill Temperature Index is as follows:
WCT(Farenheit) = 35.74 + 0.6125T - 35.75V^0.16 + 0.4275*T*V^0.16
T = air temperature in degrees Fahrenheit
V = wind speed in miles per hour

The formula used to calculate the wind chill index is:
Wind Chill = 91.4 - (0.474677 - 0.020425 * V + 0.303107 * sqrt(V)) * (91.4 - T)
V = wind speed (mph)
T = temperature (°F)

To find the Wind Chill Temperature Index from the table below, find the air temperature along the left side of the table and the wind speed along the top of the table. Where the two intersect is the Wind Chill Temperature