Bid Number


118 SAWS-118/17

Supply and delivery of corporate laptops to the South African Weather Service.

119 SAWS-119/17

Provision of Internal Audit Services to the South African Weather Service for a period of 3 years.

120 SAWS-120/17

Supply and delivery of corporate desktop computers and high-end computer workstations to the south African Weather Service.

122 SAWS-122/17

Request for Proposal for the lease of office accommodation for a 5 year period preferably within a radius of 20km from the current Head Office situated at 442 Rigel Avenue South, Erasmusrand, Pretoria, 0181

123 SAWS-123/17

Appointment of Service Provider to develop and provide managerial training for Senior and Executive Management.

127 SAWS-127/17

Upgrade or Replacement of Cray XC30 High Performance Computer (HPC) and Lustre File Storage System through leasing or outright purchase option.

128 SAWS-128/17

Procurement of Server Infrastructure for research purposes and a Storage System for data produced on a High Performance Computer (HPC), Servers and Remote Sensing Tools.

138 SAWS-138/17

Procurement of Transaction Advisor Services for the development of a feasibility study and business case for - The procurement of a suitable and sustainable working environment (accommodation and related services) and the commercial development of land through a Public Private Partnership.